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Data Center Support Services

Imprint Data Center Solutions offers robust design, installation, and software integration services, as well as data center support services. In addition to general technical support for data centers, Imprint DCS also offers tape services, data center cleaning, project management, and co-location services.

  • Tape Services: Tape media is still essential to data centers due to its cost-effectiveness and its value for backup and archival data storage. Imprint DCS can help with data eradication, tape erasure, tape copying, and more.
  • Data Center Cleaning: Just like with any electronics, data centers of all sizes need to be regularly cleaned to maintain the health of the equipment and to maintain peak efficiency.
  • Project Management: With data center design projects, project management is essential for minimizing delays and expenses. Imprint utilizes project management to ensure all parties communicate properly, avoid gaps in production, and eliminate duplicate efforts.
  • Co-Location Services: Our co-location services allow customers to take advantage of continuity, scalability, and security for their data and systems. Co-location services eliminate the need to staff and manage your own data centers.

To learn more about our data center support services, as well as the other services offered by Imprint DCS, call us at 800-646-9099. You can also fill out our contact form to setup a call to discuss your data center needs.