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Data Center Solutions and Services

At Imprint DCS, we offer a full range of data center solutions and services tailored to our clients’ current needs and future plans. In order to stay current with evolving technologies and expanding businesses, our data center solutions and services continuously adjust and grow. We deliver flexible and scalable data center services to ensure that we meet the needs of our customers. The services we currently offer include:

  • Design: Our design services include data center and energy assessments, data center upgrades, CFD analysis, and wireless access point deployment.
  • Installation: We offer installation services for a variety of data center products, including air containment, raised floor, racks, printers and scanners, and more.
  • Software Integration: We assist customers with data center infrastructure management (DCIM) software integration, as well as physical threat monitoring.
  • Support: Imprint DCS also offers a number of support services, like data center cleaning, project management, and co-location and tape services.
  • Arc Flash Analysis: Our arc flash analysis services help reduce the chances of hazards, and keep companies in compliance with NFPA 70E.
  • Electrical Distribution: Through our partnership with Schneider Electric, we offer services that maximize reliability, enhance safety, improve energy efficiency, and extend the life of your electrical equipment.

Imprint DCS combines these services with a number of strengths in order to deliver a superior experience for customers:

  • Experience: We sell a wide range of system components and know them all inside and out.
  • Independence: With no commitment to specific brands, we are free to propose solutions based solely on client needs.
  • Versatility: We mix and match components to deliver maximum performance, flexibility and cost-efficiency.
  • Affordability: Manufacturer discounts allow us to offer the best pricing.
  • Coordination: We work closely with engineers, designers and contractors to ensure optimal data center architecture and installation.
  • Collaboration: We build team relationships with in-house professionals and external resources to keep projects on time and on budget.
  • Accessibility: We’re always there for our clients to meet day-to-day needs and keep systems running at peak efficiency.

The bottom line is, our organization is fully equipped to provide the services and attention our clients deserve without incurring the excess overhead that drives up costs. To learn more about our data center solutions and services, call us at 800-646-9099 or fill out our contact form and we will reach out to you shortly.