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Raised Floor Systems

raised-floorData centers require the ability to distribute power to racks, cables and cooling effectively while considering future requirements like growth, demand, and technological advances. Because of this, raised floor systems are the standard of the modern day data center, and for good reason.

Data center environments often require the ability to handle a large number of data cables. Data center raised floors offer the flexibility of open air space for cooling as well as space to install essential cabling. Whether you need to replace, upgrade, or install a complete job from the start, Imprint Data Center Solutions has the experience and knowledge to meet your business’s needs. You can expect a complete cost-effective solution from our expert staff no matter how large or small your project is.

Raised floor systems are essential to creating the ideal data center environment because they offer the added benefit of easy adaptation for future changes and technological advancements. In addition to being the perfect solution for data centers with frequent organizational changes, raised floor systems are also very cost-effective when it comes to construction and everyday operation. Imprint DCS offers solutions that can meet the demands of a data center, while also meeting the needs of those maintaining it.

Some of the benefits of using raised floor systems include:

  • Flexibility in current and future space planning
  • Rugged builds support demanding environments
  • Greater energy efficiency; airflow directed only to where it is needed
  • Easy, convenient access to cabling and critical services
  • Ability to level uneven floors with graded surfaces
  • Reduced future layout reconfiguration costs


Tate Airflow has a full line of directional and standard airflow panels to cater to all your data center cooling needs. Our range of cost-effective and energy-efficient airflow panels offer compelling returns on investment and lower operating costs in both new build and retrofit applications.