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Data Center Containment

Energy costs continue to increase, and without the proper use of data center containment, your energy consumption for cooling can be as much as 50% higher. Imprint DCS can help you plan and effectively implement data center containment that channels exhaust air away from IT equipment, separating cold and hot air. Imprint has partnered with Tate, APC by Schneider Electric, and Simplex to deliver industry-leading data center containment solutions.

Why is data center containment necessary?

Data center containment separates the cold supply airflow from the hot air of equipment exhaust, greatly reducing the use of excess energy and optimizing the performance of equipment in the data center. A company’s’ IT equipment requires proper containment to operate efficiently and to avoid system failure and costly repairs.

The benefits of a hot and/or cold aisle containment solution include:

  • Less downtime
  • Improved hardware longevity
  • Increased data center efficiency
  • Reduced energy consumption

Containment Systems

Imprint DCS partners with Tate, Inc., APC by Schneider Electric, and Simplex to offer our customers innovative, easy-to-use data center containment system solutions. Tate’s ContainAire Soft Partitions have the exciting advantage of being able to be adjusted at any location using the company’s distinctive Pivot and Grip installation method. This method allows you to configure data center containment without disassembling the rest of the header or adjoining pieces, saving both time and money. The unique connection design and overlapping curtains provide a seamless partition, resulting in an improved containment system. Increased flexibility, no tools required for installation, and a competitive price make these partitions the premier choice for hot and cold aisle applications

Tate Airflow Containment Systems


Containing an entire row of air can improve capacity and energy efficiency by reducing by-pass airflow.The separation of cold supply air from hot exhaust air is one of the most popular strategies in data center design. Tate’s ContainAire product line is the optimum aisle containment solution. Easy to install and modify, our products offer valuable energy saving opportunities. Optimize your data center facility today by installing ContainAire.

APC Containment Systems


Hot and cold air containment systems designed to maximize cooling predictability, capacity, and efficiency at the rack, row or room level.

Simplex Containment Systems


Save energy! AirBlock™ data center curtains and partitions save energy on air conditioning by as much as 15% and up to 67% on fans. Protect your mission critical operations.