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APC by Schneider Electric is the industry standard for reliable power and is a leader in infrastructure, management and data security. For more than a decade, APC’s InfraStruXure offered integrated power, cooling, racks, management, and service, as well as cooling systems and on-site power generation. After APC was acquired by Schneider Electric in 2007, the Critical Power and Cooling Business Unit (CPCS) was established, which includes the APC brand.

The Pluses of Our Partnership with APC for Data Centers

Our data center clients need reliable power and cooling solutions to prevent downtime. APC provides the tools our clients can count on to operate smoothly, whether they are managing a large data center or a network or server room. APC solutions also enable our clients to make strides when it comes to energy efficiency, contributing to energy cost savings and also allowing them to operate in a more eco-friendly manner.

APC is also a great source of information for our clients, including white papers available on our website:

APC Solutions Available from Imprint DCS

As an APC by Schneider Electric partner, Imprint DCS can offer our clients the full array of APC products including:

Imprint DCS provides Active Power solutions including:

Power: Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) provide power protection and enable your equipment to continue to operate when the primary power source lost. APC solutions include computer and peripheral, network and server, and data center and Facility 3 Phase UPS, UPS management, and UPS replacement batteries. In addition, APC surge protection devices provide harmonic filtering and voltage protection.

Cooling: APC offers a cooling solution for every type of data center application, a necessity to keep equipment running and to prevent costly damage and downtime. Room air conditioners are available for perimeter cooling and room-level control; close-coupled air conditioners provide energy efficient cooling in applications ranging from low- to high-density racks and zones; and containment air distribution solutions enable airflow management for rows, racks and hot spots. APC also offers high efficiency air side economizers for large data centers.

Power Distribution: Imprint DCS offers rack power distribution units (PDUs) from APC that provide server-level power availability and environmental monitoring. Also available from APC are row three-phase power distribution, room power distribution, and transfer switches.